Double Negative

I am an observer, watching as the mundane, banal and habitual become apparent again through a mind that is slowly degenerating, reverting to the formless ambiguity and freedom that can only be present with the total lack of external influence. In this role of observer, my own awareness of the ambiguities between internal and external, inside and outside, positive and negative, the way I exist within a space, and the traces that every action, encounter and experience leave on both my surroundings and myself become more apparent. I observe as the unconscious, habitual actions and movement of the body become conscious, rediscovered and suddenly new all over again forcing me to consider my own relationship to this level of discovery.

In this body of work, I explore this level of bodily consciousness through varying mediums, ranging from paper to plaster, working in series to point out the flawed body that re-presents itself as a newly found experience, while at the same time strangely alienated from itself. I freeze moments in time, raising questions of bodily experience, familiarity and the boundary of that which is internal or external. I am documenting individual experiences in an overabundant repetition to further push the ambiguity of the banal action as important while remaining simply habitual. I utilize repetitive processes and layering of materials to create subtle nuances which blur boundaries of the perceived human body.