Don’t be afraid to fail

One of the things that holds us back as human beings is the fear of failure. It keeps us from trying. Don’t let this be a habit you fall into, the fact that you are getting a degree in the arts means that you have already taken the first BIG step in overcoming the fear of failure and are willing to take risks. Keep that in mind when you face the unknown on a regular basis and learn from things that didn’t necessarily work out as planned.

Oh, and read this.

the truth of presentation

WARNING: This project contains full frontal nudity.

I found this project by photographer Gracie Hagen over the weekend. I found it incredibly eye-opening in terms of how much presentation matters. While we tend to focus on the projects that are contained within your portfolio, when you are working with people, they judge you based on how you enter the room. Pay attention to how much the subject’s persona changes based entirely on how they are posed for each pair of photos.

Process matters

I went to a former student’s studio over the break to see what it was that he has been working on, needless to say (and the fact that I’m sharing this with you) I was impressed. I was even more impressed with the way in that this documentation video really allowed people to see the depth and planning that went into the final project.

I may harp on process and documentation all semester, but it really does add to the understanding of a project to both you and your viewer.